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Once upon a time...

​You can't buy happiness, but you can buy Cake,            and thats kinda the same thing! 

… there was little boy and a little girl. 

Their Mummy noticed that there didn't seem to be many Tea Rooms that catered for them. So she decided to create one. The little girl used to call her big brother 'Leelo' when she was a toddler and just learning to talk ... so Leelo & Me was born ... 

Leelo & Me is a Family Tea Room Franchise with Mobile Pop up Tea Room and an innovative twist on the usual Tea Room. It is a tribute to the idea that a family tea room can have it all. 

​Our Tea Room has a custom designed indoor play space for children, built around a relaxed environment offering full table service. In-keeping with the old fashioned theme, all toys provided for the children are of old. Items such as wooden train sets, old telephones, all carefully selected with love and to ensure that they meet the physical, mental and social development needs of children. This not only occupy's their attention, but sparks their immagination and excitement. 

We combine a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for adults with the ultimate play space that children love. Best of all, this fantastic space is visible from your seat, so you can catch up with family and friends, while the children emmerse themselves in play. Sit and transport yourself while we play old fashioned music surrounded by a bright happy space covered in positive quotes and inspirational sayings. A complete contrast to the fast paced and intense counter service offered by many high street barista outlets. 

The Tea Room offers a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch, as well as delicious homemade cakes, cream tea with homemade scones and Afternoon Tea that we pride ourselves on. Not only do we offer a bespoke Afternoon Tea, but there is a choice to have a Tot's or Tween's Afternoon Tea, perfect for little ones, or unique teenage treats. 

Food allergies or Intolerancies? Fear not, nothing is too much trouble at Leelo & Me. Call and book in advance and we can ensure to cater for any need. 

Every item on our menu is made fresh when ordered and prepared with the best possible ingredients. Most of which are locally sourced from independant traders and small businesses. 

From speciality Loose Leaf Teas, to regional coffee blends, light breakfast options, to our signature gourmet toasted sandwiches and delicious soups, Leelo & Me's menu will keep you coming back for more. 

​If all of that wasn't enough, we also offer FREE private hire of our Tea Room for your special occasion. We have catered for many birthday party's, baby shower's, bridal shower's, hen party's and can also offer bespoke party's such as: Afternoon Tea with a Princess, Cupcake decorating and much more! 

​All of this accompanied by a vintage surrounding and served on our best China (even the tot's get a tea pot of juice!) and of course, first class service and a friendly, welcoming face.

Leelo & Me have developed an amazing business model perfectly suited to Families looking to work for themselves. There are opportunities for the Tea Room and/or mobile Pop up Tea Room that caters for events from children's Tea parties to large weddings and celebrity events. For more information about our Franchise opportunities contact Emma on 07929044510